Trumpington Meadows Community Inaugural 2016 Meeting – Minutes

The first meeting of the Trumpington Meadows Community group was held last week at the local Waitrose.   We had a much large group that we anticipated so it was standing room only.  Approximately 30 residents from Trumpington Meadows discussed various topics from community events, snagging problems and parking.  Below is a list of

  1. Neighbourhood Park Events
    • One of the suggestion was for local block parties on over the weekends of the August for Neighbours to get to know each other better.
    • Sat, 6th August — will be the Fam Jam held on Trumpington Meadows Country Park
    • Sun, 1th August – Block party will be held near the Rialto Close Park
    • Sat, 20th August – Orchard area on Proctor Drive/One Tree Road/Piper Road.
    • Sat, 27th August – OPEN — Need a volunteer
  2. Linda Frost updated the group on several items from council meetings she attends on behalf of Trumpington Meadows.
    • The planned walkway from Trumpington Meadows to Waitrose is currently in planning.  There are delays by some discussing with Ansley Hall.
    • The tennis basketball courts near the primary school are delayed opening due to a drainage problem and a disagreement between Barratts, the contractor for the park and Anglian Water as to who is responsible for the problem
    • The proposed parish change for part of the Trumpington Meadows is currently in progress.

Issues Raised by Residents:

  1. Parking continues to be a problem with no solution particularly in the older phases of Trumpington Meadows.
    • Comments were made that there were too few visitors parking spots and they were continually occupied by residents.
      • ACTION – TMC will find out the number of parking and vistors parking suggested by council
  2. The speed of a number of residents along the roads of Trumpington Meadows is too fast.
    1. ACTION – The roads are not adopted yet but TMC will ask if a speed limit can be adde


Other Actions:

  1. Publish the plans for the Local Community on the website
  2. Update the status for the Allotments
  3. Training Session on the Website, Google Groups and the Facebook pages for the Group prior to the next meeting.
  4. Add Useful Links to the Webpages
  5. Request for Volunteers for TMC and ideas for Community Growth.

Next Meeting will be scheduled for mid-September where Grosnevor will present plans for the Sporting Village.  The meeting will be held a larger venue to accommodate the larger group.

Thank you for your participation.

Trumpington Meadows Community Group

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