Community engagement and outreach project to tenants in the private rented sector

Cambridge City Council is carrying out an informal community session at 5:45pm on 22nd February at Trumpington Pavilion. The aim of this session is to increase public understanding of how people who rent their home from a Private landlord or property agent can obtain assistance with regards to problems they may be experiencing.

The event will consist of guest speaker Ben Reeve Lewis covering issues which commonly effect private rented sector tenants such as:

  • Knowing how the Council can help with housing conditions including disrepair
  • Harassment / illegal eviction
  • Awareness of landlords responsibilities towards tenants

In addition to Mr Reeve’s presentation an Enforcement Officer and Home Energy Officer will be available at each session from Environmental Health, for anyone may want to discuss their housing situation in more detail.

For more information about this, please reach out to Philip Winter, details given below:

Mr Philip Winter
Project Officer (Private Rented Sector)
Residential Team
Cambridge City Council
01223 457626

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