Driverless bus ‘pod’ tests under on Trumpington busway

Tests have started on a new driverless bus system which could pave the way for an evening public transport service.


The RDM Group is using self-driving pods along the guided busway in Cambridge to test the feasibility of running 10-seater shuttles along the route.

If successful, the buses will run between Trumpington Park and Ride and Cambridge Station after 20:00.

The Greater Cambridge Partnership said it could meet the demand for services.

The feasibility study will deliver its findings in June 2018, the RDM Group said.

It said the £5m scheme to bring a fleet of buses could start soon afterwards.

Richard Fairchild, from the RDM Group, said the Trumpington to Cambridge guided busway was an “ideal route” for the driverless vehicles.

Read more about driverless pods in Trumpington.



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