Neighbourhood Watch Update

A new section on the website has been created to inform residents about the Neighbourhood Watch initiative. We hope you find the information useful. An update on this scheme will be covered at the next Trumpington Meadows Community meeting so stay tuned for details of the next meeting! You can register for the scheme here.

With the mercury finally rising and the summer holidays on the horizon, the temptation to leave windows open while you are out increases. Cambridge Constabulary launched Operation Aware last month which is tackling burglary by targeting offenders and urging homeowners to take “one more step” to improve their home security. With this in mind the security of French patio doors fitted to certain houses on the estate came up as a topic of discussion at the Trumpington Meadows Community meeting in March 2018. Residents are reminded that it is important to use the top lock on the doors as well as the lock below the handle. This acts as a belt and braces effect.

At the meeting Barratt homes communicated that it is the home owner’s responsibility to check their French doors are working as intended. “Settlement and movement of a new house can affect the efficiency of French doors. Therefore, if householders are at all concerned about the safety of their doors, they should contact Barratt home customer care services even if their 2 year or 5 year warranty has finished. Residents are encouraged to check their doors regularly and if necessary contact customer care who will organise a safety check by Allglass”.

We would be interested to hear from residents who have followed up on this. Please feel free to contact us about this or any other issue.

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