Trumpington Meadows volunteering: Wednesday 16th May

A message from Peter Beckenham, Ranger at Trumpington Meadows.

Last week was an exceedingly damp blip given the bank holiday weather but thanks to those that came along. Volunteering is on next Wednesday 16th May and we’ll be meeting at 10am by the Ranger’s Office – all welcome. We will be finishing off installing some info posts around the kickabout field, putting up some nest boxes for our (hopefully) soon-to-be-returning spotted flycatchers and doing a butterfly survey. If you’re able to send me an email confirming attendance that would be appreciated.

Following the 16th, the next session will be on Wednesday 30th May.

Wildlife news

  • Brown-tail Moth caterpillars – you may have noticed in certain parts of the site (particularly near the pond) large ‘webs’ of hairy caterpillars (2 reddish spots to the rear on close inspection) clinging to some of the bushes, these are likely to belong to the brown-tail moth. This is a native species of insect albeit one that can cause health issues if it comes into contact with people – they can cause a rash if handled and the hairs can trigger respiratory problems. We are aware of the issue and our advice is not to touch the webs. The trees and shrubs they feed on may look unhealthy/defoliated but the caterpillars rarely pose a long term threat so we will monitor them and remove any that we feel are an issue to the public. We will follow up with more work later in the year if needed
  • A grass snake was seen near the reed bed last week and the first swifts of the year swooped over on Wednesday! Check our sightings board on the barn for regular updates
  • The meadows have changed dramatically in a few short weeks with many flowers on the verge of blooming and the trees in leaf. There is lots of good info here on creating wildflower spaces close to home

Thanks for reading,

Peter Beckenham
Ranger (Trumpington Meadows)

Direct line: 07734478472
Office: 01223 665742

Tweet: @wildlifebcn
Like: /wildlifebcn

The Wildlife Trust for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire & Northamptonshire

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