1st Trumpington Scout Group

After a successful launch last year with the Beaver and Cub Sections; the 1st Trumpington is now launching a Scout Section.

The Scout Troop will be meeting on Thursdays from the 14th June in Meeting Room 1 at Trumpington Meadows Primary School during term time.

This half term will be a trial period to see if 1st Trumpington Scout Group receive enough Young People to make it viable and they have enough Adult Volunteers to run the section. At this point in time the latter is the more pressing of the two.

If 1st Trumpington Scout Group do not achieve their targets they will have to close the section and hope that we might find a place for any Young People at any neighbouring, albeit further away and often oversubscribed, groups.

Whilst volunteering as a Leader is the most visible, obvious, and needed, way of volunteering 1st Trumpington Scout Group also are looking for additional members of the Group Executive, as well as many other ways of helping out as an adult volunteer.

If you are interested in helping 1st Trumpington Scout Group with the Scout Section, or at the existing Beaver and Cub Sections on a Wednesday evening, or at a group level please contact Geoffrey here!


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