Trumpington Meadows volunteering: Wednesday 25 July

A message from Rebecca Green, Senior Ranger at Trumpington Meadows.

It’s been a few weeks since our last volunteer session, to allow the Trumpington Meadows rangers to re-group after Peter sadly left us in June. But we’re putting on a brave face and raring to go, so the next volunteer date will be Wednesday 25th July, from 10am.

We will be meeting at the Ranger’s office in the north. If the weather stays fine we hope to have a fair bit of hay cut and baled by that time, so moving the hay bales into stacks will be the order of the day, with the possibility of a breather by conducting a butterfly survey in the south. Don’t forget a hat, sunscreen and lots of water, and if you can stay until 3pm, lunch too. We’ll provide the usual tea and biscuits.

Trumpington Meadows news

  • The heat has meant much of our wildlife has been quiet recently, and any visitors to the meadows will have noticed how frazzled the meadows are looking, with grass seeming to dominate as the wildflowers die back. The meadows in the south are still looking fairly colourful.
  • Butterflies have been doing well in this weather, and I saw my first clouded yellow of the year in the meadows in front of the building site two days ago!
  • However, it might not be such good news for all insects going forward, as fewer food plants might be available for some insects, and nectar might dry up for pollinators – this was seen after the drought of 1976 when some butterflies declined the following year. Read more on the complexities of a long dry summer and what it means for wildlife on our Chief Exec Brian’s blog here

If you can make it next week, please drop me a line to let me know. Hope to see you there!

Best wishes,


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