Parking Restrictions in Trumpington Meadows

Following the Cambridge Joint Area Committee meeting held in the Kreis Viersen Room at Shire Hall, in Cambridge at 4.30pm on Tuesday 24th July 2018, local government Councillors representing both Cambridge County and City Council considered the proposal for parking restrictions in Trumpington Meadows. The decision from the meeting was to implement the restrictions in Trumpington Meadows as proposed. Pages 61 – 74 of the report are relevant to Trumpington Meadows.

Read the report here

In summary:

  • Only visitors with paid permits can use the constructed parking bays which are parallel to the roads from 8am to 6pm, 7 days a week
  • All other areas are restricted parking areas during the hours of 8am to 6pm

Trumpington Meadows Community comment

In the interests of transparency it was disappointing to note that there was no representation from a Trumpington Councillor at the meeting. This is particularly concerning given that our elected Councillor Donald Adey who resides in Fife, Scotland appears to rarely attend council meetings. However Councillor Taylor did attempt to speak on behalf of the residents of Trumpington Meadows to ensure that residents were consulted properly but to no avail as the Liberal Democrats were out voted by the Labour Councillors.

There was a general feeling of disbelief amongst the members of the public present at the meeting that things were not properly discussed. What’s more there appears to be an on-going issue with the boundary of Cambridge City Council and South Cambridge District Council that we would like to be resolved. Trumpington Meadows residents who reside in South Cambridge District Council will not be covered by this scheme.

We encourage all Trumpington Meadows residents to get involved with Trumpington Meadows Community. Please check back regularly for details of the next community meeting.

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