Neighbourhood Watch Coordinators needed for your street!

Thank you to everybody who has registered for Neighbourhood Watch!

So far we have residents registered for the scheme on the following streets: Argent Road, Avalon Way, Banner Road, Carmine Road, Consort Avenue, Forty Acre Road, Huntsman Road, Kinsman Way, Osprey Drive, Reynard Road and Spring Drive. A fantastic result – if your street is missing please register for the scheme.

Trumpington Meadows Needs You!

We would like to have a Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator for every street in Trumpington Meadows to make the scheme as effective as possible. It’s a rewarding and important role and it can bring a whole host of benefits to you and the community. Would you like to be the Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator for your street in Trumpington Meadows? Read more about being a Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator for your street.

If you would like to put yourself forward as the Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator for your street, please ensure that you register for the scheme and that you nominate yourself as a Coordinator. During the registration process you will be able to set up your street as a Neighbourhood Watch area for other residents on your street to join.

We will continue to update you on the progress of the scheme and we thank you for your support getting the scheme established. If you haven’t registered yet we encourage you to register for the scheme AND to share / spread the word to your neighbours. Neighbourhood Watch signage can be installed on your street if enough people register. Read more about Neighbourhood Watch.

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