Trumpington Meadows volunteering: Wednesday 26 September

A message from Rebecca Green, Senior Ranger at Trumpington Meadows.

Thanks to those who came to the last session and helped install the new bench at Trumpington Meadows – a great job done. The bench is a memorial for Janette Young and was arranged and donated by her husband Alec, daughter Andrea, and other family and friends. The bench is located in the perfect spot, half way towards the pond, a great place to stop, rest and enjoy the view of the meadows and Byron’s Pool.

We also tackled the ever growing pile of junk in the yard bays and managed to fill the skip! Four dumped bikes were donated to the Owl Bike Charity.

This week we will meet on Wednesday 26th September at the usual time of 10am. We are going to be finishing some late hay raking, starting at some of the fiddly bits around the pond but concentrating on the species-rich verges in the south. These are some of the original sections of grassland on the reserve – they were not sown – and are rather nice, hosting a real diversity of plants including orchids.

We will meet by the pond. For those who aren’t sure where that is, or who would rather a lift with us in the Hilux, please come to the office for just before 10am and we’ll drive down. Please bring lunch and water, as we might not get back to the office for lunch.

Trumpington Meadows news

  • Welcome to Jo, our new ranger, who will be joining us on Wednesday!
  • Fairly quiet on the reserve at this in-between time. Plenty of house martins seen whizzing by on their migration south, and some yellow wagtails. Lots of jays around the office making a racket and looking for nuts!
  • When we were clearing rubbish in the skip we found a toad, 3 smooth newts and several very large spiders. The amphibians were relocated to around the pond and the spiders were left to their own devices.

If you can make, please drop me a line to let me know. Hope to see you there!

Best wishes,


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The Wildlife Trust for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire & Northamptonshire

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