Trumpington Meadows volunteering: Wednesday 31 October

A message from Rebecca Green, Senior Ranger at Trumpington Meadows.

First off I want to make you all aware of a change to the next volunteer date. With apologies and due to unforeseen circumstances, we are going to have to change the volunteer meet-up to next Wednesday, 31st October. We understand that people may already have plans. We will stick otherwise to the planned dates, so the following volunteer work party after this will be 3 weeks, on 21st November.

Earlier this week the volunteer team once again tackled some of the spear thistle in Badgers Wood. The plan for this area is to remove the rest of the spear thistle, the tree guards around the trees, and cut back some of the edges, especially where the creeping thistle is evident. We have a team of corporate volunteers from Kier who will finish off the hard work our team have started, and we will revisit this area to take a look once this is completed. The area around the “zigzag” and mosaic was cut and cleared, with hawthorn and elder pruned back to improve access. Take a look at the attached photo to see how good this patch now looks. Being so close to the river, it is likely to get muddy over the coming months, so we will monitor it closely to see if further work needs to be done.

So, next week on the 31st October we have some small jobs to do around the workshop and yard first thing – some weeding of the hedgerow and bed areas among other things. We will then go over the M11 after lunch to pick up some of the remaining vegetation from the verges and coprolite pits. Please meet at the office at 10am and bring warm, outdoor clothes, lunch and drink – we will, as usual, provide the tools, gloves/PPE (if needed) and tea and biscuits.

Trumpington Meadows news

  • Ivy is a fantastic late nectar source for a variety of insects, and we leave it growing where we can. One patch of it near Badgers Wood has recently seen visits from comma and red admiral butterflies, ivy bees, various hoverflies, hornets, and the rather fabulous noon fly Mesembrina meridiana (see attached photo), with gold wings and face.
  • The Cambridgeshire Mammal Group were here yesterday celebrating Mammal Week by trapping and recording small mammals – lots of wood mice and bank voles caught, and a beautiful morning to be out and about.
  • Last Saturday was the National Hedge Laying Championships at nearby Lark Rise Farm in Barton. We’re hoping to start laying some of our own hedges.

Becky and Jo

Office: 01223 665742

Tweet: @wildlifebcn
Like: /wildlifebcn

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