Trumpington Meadows volunteering – Wednesday 3 April

A message from Rebecca Green, Senior Ranger at Trumpington Meadows.

Last week the volunteers helped clear out the pond near our office. This pond has such great potential, but with a lack of plants it’s yet to find a healthy balance. The plants are on their way, and we yoinked out some of the invasive green algae that has taken over. We were careful to protect any creatures we saw and returned to the pond a variety of beetles, dragonfly larvae and water boatmen, as well as a smooth newt (see photos – the first one is a great diving beetle). We moved over to the orchard later on in the day and carried out some small pruning jobs, tidied up the protective fencing and re-mulched the bases with woodchip.

Next week we are going to be putting some fencing up in the south of the reserve. There are some other small jobs to finish while we’re down there, such as tidying the bonfire spot and cutting back some fallen ivy.

If you’re interested in coming along let me know. We’ll meet over the M11 this time – in the usual spot by the bike racks at 10am, or if you want a lift come to the office for 9.50. Bring lunch and a drink, we’ll have tea and biscuits and all the tools/PPE. 

Lots going on at Trumpington and beyond!

·         If you’re interested in knowing what Peter Beckenham, ex-Ranger,  is getting up to these days, he’s starting to monitor wildlife in some of the ditches in his new patch up in the fens. And he’s looking for volunteers to help, if you know anyone local (or if you fancy a trip!). See more info here.

·         Our Wildlife Trust BCN photo competition is currently taking entries – the closing date is the 15th April. Last year we were really happy to see a photo from the reserve win second prize. Get snapping! 

·         Last week a guided hare walk counted 12 in the fields around the reserve. The first Breeding Bird Survey also took place – lots of skylarks and chiffchaffs.

·         If you want to be more involved in any of our monitoring we are currently trying to run a regular moth trap on a Thursday night/Friday morning (weather and other work permitting). If you’d like to get involved drop me a line. No experience necessary – we can teach you how to identify most of the moths we catch. It’s normally an hour from 9am to 10am. 

Looking forward to it,

Becky and Jo

Please get in touch with us using any of the below.

Phone: 01223 665742

Facebook Group: /trumpingtonmeadowsNR
Facebook Page: /wildlifebcn
Twitter: @wildlifebcn

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