Trumpington Meadows volunteering – Wednesday 1 May

A message from Rebecca Green, Senior Ranger at Trumpington Meadows.

Hope you all had a good Easter!

Our next volunteer session will be this Wednesday 1st May from 10am. We’ll be mainly working in the north of the reserve, so please come to the office to start. We will be clearing the area around the zigzag again, removing some of the slightly invasive patches of dock we have on the meadows and putting up some signs.

If time and weather allow we want to start thinking about butterfly surveys. These usually take place through the late spring and summer, once a week if at all possible, and take a couple of hours. We walk a few transects, recording what we see along the way. If you can identify some butterflies already that’s great, but the good thing about this is it’s simple to learn if you want to. The ideal size for monitoring is 2 or 3 people so it’s not the best activity for a large group, and it can only be done in good weather. We may be able to do the surveys as part of a volunteer day, or if anyone is particularly keen, we can set up a system where volunteers go out alone or with friends and carry out the monitoring.

Please bring lunch and water, we’ll provide the tea and biccies.

Trumpington Meadows news

·         Turtle Dove feeding has commenced! Please tell us if you see or hear a turtle dove anywhere in the local vicinity.

·         The breeding bird survey was carried out last weekend and we’re pleased to say the reed warblers are back (heard singing in the small reedbed) and blackcaps are all over the place. I also saw a treecreeper bathing in the little brook that runs through Byron’s Pool, not something I’d seen before – delightful! No sedge or grasshopper warblers yet, maybe we’ll hear some on our Dawn Chorus walk this Thursday. 

·         Do you have a bee hotel in your garden? Red mason bees love them and find them very quickly! They are easy to make – a group of canes or a block of untreated wood with drilled holes in, placed in a sunny spot, is all you need. Ours went up in the winter, and success! (excuse the blurry photos, they don’t stay still for very long).

Hope to see you Wednesday. 

Becky and Jo

Please get in touch with us using any of the below.

Phone: 01223 665742

Facebook Group: /trumpingtonmeadowsNR
Facebook Page: /wildlifebcn
Twitter: @wildlifebcn

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