Trumpington Meadows nature reserve – volunteering on 12 June

The weather is looking pretty wet this week! We had planned to cut some of the meadows and rake up but it’s looking unlikely that we’ll be able to carry out the preparatory work, and it will be too wet to rake on Wednesday. Therefore we are going to play it by ear – there’s plenty to do elsewhere, but if the weather improves we will go ahead with the meadow work.

In any case, meet at the office for 10am, and if rain is forecast bring your wet weather clothes. If the rain is torrential we may consider cutting the day short or cancelling all together – if you haven’t already let us know, get in touch to tell us you’re coming so we can keep you informed, or ring us on the morning (01223 665742).

Trumpington Meadow news

A lot of exciting things to report this week!

  • Our swifts are back! They arrived early May and were seen circling the building, drawn in by the recorded calls we have playing from the box. Some were seen entering the box and last week we finally got footage of one bird on eggs. See video attached. If you want to know more please come along to our FREE swift event on Monday 24th June
  • Weekly butterfly surveys have continued with the first meadow browns of the year seen last Wednesday.
  • Those volunteers with us last autumn will remember cutting and clearing the coprolite pond banks. You’ll be pleased to see the results of your hard work – a species rich verge of wildflowers, with bee, twayblade and common spotted orchids blooming (see photos).

Becky and Jo


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