Trumpington Meadows nature reserve – volunteering

Gold stars all round to those volunteers who came out last week on one of the hottest days of the summer. We tried to keep it low-key and drank lots and lots of water but it was still uncomfortably sweltering. We were interrupted first thing by news of a lost cow – a recent arrival to the field next door had somehow found its way out and was on the lam! Luckily the volunteers were on the case and it was eventually found and returned to safety (well done Pat).

Next week, we can’t promise a bovine-hunt but I can promise lots of raking. We’re going to be tackling the Rainbow Reflection Garden, before heading to the railway embankment area to clear some cut vegetation there. Meet at the office at 10am, and bring your lunch, plenty of water, and whatever outdoor clothing the weather dictates. We’ll have tools, tea, squash, biscuits, gloves, as usual.

Trumpington Meadows news

  • Have you seen the recent Melbourn Greenway consultation? Have your say before 5th August! Two options are concerning for wildlife at the meadows, but there are other, better options along existing bike paths:
  • Our swiftlets are still here but itching to go – lots of fluttering of wings and glances out of the hole. They might fledge this weekend. The skies are sadly very quiet as many have left already – 10,000 were recorded heading south from Gibraltar Point on 31st Bon voyage!
  • As you have probably worked out already, the cattle are back grazing our meadows in the south. There are (hopefully) 25 of them.
  • Check out the attached photo of a wasp spider Argiope bruennichi – I found it on the meadows. It was actually very small, the first one I’ve seen this year, but the females can get very big, with a body length of 17mm. Completely harmless and very pretty!