Second Access Road update

Following the last general meeting earlier this year, the committee followed-up with Barratt regarding the second access road to the development and received the following reply.

They have essentially said, without mentioning any specific dates, that the second access road will not open up until the development is finished.

Reply letter starts below:

Thank you for your letter regarding the current traffic movements at Trumpington Meadows.

You are correct that the scheme will provide a second access at the Southern end of the development. The junction is consented within the Outline Planning Permission and is already constructed in part as required by the relevant planning condition.

At present, we anticipate that the junction and spine road will be complete and open for use by the public toward the end of the construction on site. The primary reason for this timing is Health and Safety, as the Southern junction is used solely for Construction access and deliveries for the remaining development phases.

This current separation of traffic on site ensures that all heavy construction traffic comes via the Southern junction alleviating any opportunity for such traffic to route through the existing residential area which we believe is important for the existing residents, not only in terms of general amenity, but also from a health and safety perspective. Controlling and managing this separation should both junctions become linked would very difficult to guarantee.

Furthermore, whilst we appreciate that the flow of traffic on site could benefit from linking the two junctions, the opening of the spine road to all would also allow any passing traffic to use the development as a route into and out of the City Centre if Hauxton Road became congested. As such whilst some residents could then access to the South, the reality could
see more traffic coming into the site looking to short cut the queue.

We will continue to monitor the situation on site, and of course our build programme for the remaining phases. We have a like minded approach in delivering the spine road and junction as soon as is safely possible.

Matthew Ward
Development Director

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