Trumpington Meadows Community ask for better exits from the development


Although there are plans for a second access road from the development onto Hauxton Road, the Trumpington Meadows Community was told by the last Managing Director of Barratts that this could not be opened until 2022 at the earliest.

Before the lock-down, there was often traffic build-up during the morning rush hour for vehicles exiting the development. And though this has eased during the lock-down, this will likely return when businesses and schools fully open.

In response to a request from the Trumpington Meadows Community, ‘KEEP CLEAR’ road markings have been applied at the entrance intersection of the development. We are grateful to Barratts and Trinity for responding to our request for this and this will help.

However another possibility would be for the outgoing lane to be doubled so that traffic going left will not held up by that going right and vice versa. This is not simple to do but possible since the reservation could be narrowed by about 1.5 metres allowing space for two lanes.

While maintaining the pressure to open the second access road, the Trumpington Meadows Community will also continue to press for this change to be carried out.

Our thanks also go to Trinity for promptly tidying up Consort Avenue following our request at the recent walkabout looking at the range of items that need to be done on the development.