Hopscotch Sculpture at the Local Centre Trumpington Meadows

Trumpington Meadows is characterised by the different bricks used to build the various houses and buildings. In line with this, the sculpture at our local town centre is made from the same bricks and brick patterns used in the development. Try to recognise the different bricks in the sculpture!

Hopscotch consists of 2 large brick structures, inspired by the popular playground game ‘hopscotch’. The 2 sculptures increase the scale of the game hopscotch and makes it 3D. While one structure stands vertically, the other stands on its side, flipped over in a playful manner. This gives an alternative view and purpose, such as a seat.

Children from Trumpington Meadows School were involved in workshops linked to this project and permanent images from these workshops have been displayed in the school.

The sculptures were designed to limit climbability and anti-graffiti paint was applied to ensure that the bricks are not damaged and it continues to look good. The structures themselves blend in well with the surrounding buildings.

This sculpture was designed by Keith Wilson who has done numerous exhibitions and sculptures worldwide. He is based in London, Sheffield and New York and he teaches at a number of Educational Institutions in the UK.

Hopscotch was commissioned by BDW Homes with the assistance of Cambridge based, Arts Commission Projects.

All large developers in the UK have to contribute to fund Art work on their developments. Such funds are ring-fenced for Art work.