Trumpington Meadows Community discusses local planning issues and hears of Grosvenor’s Proposal for Housing to the South

On Thursday 12 November over 20 members of the Community joined a zoom meeting in which developments in the planning system were presented and some local issues were discussed.

Grosvenor, the developer of Trumpington Meadows, showed slides of a possible further development of up to 750 houses between Trumpington Meadows and the M11.

The Community does not endorse the proposal, which is at an early stage, but it is important that its members understand what is proposed and that they will be able to express their opinions when a detailed submission is made to the Greater Cambridge plan – a collaboration between the City and South Cambridgeshire.

For perspective, here is an article from the Cambridge Independent showing all the proposed developments in the Greater Cambridge area over the next 20 years, up to 2040.