Trumpington Meadows nature reserve – volunteering news

Week two of lock down, and you’ll hopefully be pleased to hear me confirm that volunteering can still go ahead. Our volunteers help us with essential conservation work, and all work parties are organised to be very low risk – we work at a safe distance from each other, in the great outdoors, and don’t share tools. All volunteers are individually risk assessed. If you’d like to join us and have any questions please get in touch

The week before last, the volunteer team continued coppicing on the coprolite pond bank, and as the weather was lovely we also had a nice big bonfire to get rid of the material. Thanks to all who came out. This week we’re moving to the north of the reserve, along the old railway line. This south facing bank is cleared of scrub regularly for the benefit of invertebrates and reptiles, and we will be using the cut branches to form a dead hedge nearby. Plus we have some young trees that need some TLC – we’ll be removing their posts. If you can join us please let me know. We’ll meet by the balancing pond bike rack at 10am, bring your gloves and lunch. If you are new to the reserve meet at our office and we’ll show you the way.

Trumpington Meadows news

·         Autumnal strangeness – Jenny saw a clouded yellow butterfly on some knapweed last week (not unheard of according to our butterfly book but still very late!) and lots of you have seen the cowslips in bloom around the pond.

·         More normal wildlife: 30 fieldfares were seen chuckling over the office last week – hopefully we’ll see more of these thrushes along with redwings, feeding in flocks on the reserve over the winter.

·         If you are a WT member you will have seen the new Local Wildlife magazine through the post – and with it our new Wildlife Training Workshop leaflet for 2021. Did you know if you are a regular volunteer with the Wildlife Trust BCN you can attend some of these for free? If you want more info please get in touch.

·         Have you seen our new sign posts around the pond? They are not quite finished yet – we are waiting on some better, clearer signs to be delivered later this week – but we think they look very smart and will help in our efforts to keep dogs on lead around our pond area. This is just phase 1 of our new sign plan – we will have more around the reserve soon.

Best wishes

Becky, Jenny and Jo

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