Update on the Trumpington Meadows Parking scheme

The parking zone notices have been in place for some time in Trumpington Meadows. Since March 2020, there has been a 12 month pause in the roll out of approved parking schemes in Cambridge, which includes the scheme for Trumpington Meadows. Today 09 March 2021, Cambridgeshire County Council Highways and Transport are meeting to decide on the way forward. The roll out of these latest parking schemes could be suspended indefinitely and there may be a new parking strategy with Greater Cambridge Partnership expected in the autumn.

Some existing parking permit areas are already oversubscribed, so the cost of permits could be increased or the number of permits per household could be reduced. This could happen in Trumpington Meadows if the original scheme goes ahead.

<Partly sourced from articles written by Ben Hatton in the Cambridge News (04 March 2021, page 12), the Cambridge Independent (03 March 2021, page 5), & Cambridge News online>

[Update 10 March 2021] Benjamin Hatton writes again in Cambridge News, 10 March 2021, page 7 – Residents’ parking zone plan decision is delayed. As expected, the roll-out of residents parking zones has been suspended again in order to wait for the Greater Cambridge Partnership (GCP) to produce a new parking strategy in the autumn. The issue seems to be a lack of alternative transport into the city. Therefore, cars will still be allowed to park in certain areas of the city. Potentially, alternative transport could be improved along with bus services and cycleways.

Historical note: A representative of the Trumpington Meadows Community (TMC) committee was present at the Cambridge City Joint Area Committee back in 24 July 2018 at Shire Hall Cambridge when several parking schemes were discussed including the one proposed for Trumpington Meadows. Twelve councillors were present but NONE from Trumpington. Gary Baldwin, the council officer in charge of these parking schemes, was present. The TMC representative was allowed to speak for only 3 minutes to present a case for consultation from the residents of Trumpington Meadows (TM). A Lib Dem councillor from Queen Edith also tried to pass a motion calling for TM residents to be consulted but this was overruled by the Labour councillors who outnumbered the Lib Dems and the TM parking scheme went through on the nod.

Gary Baldwin had been asked to two different TMC meetings but he point blank refused to address the residents of Trumpington Meadows. There was widespread condemnation in TM about this lack of consultation at the time.