PR0703 Proposed Parking Restrictions – Trumpington Meadows, Cambridge

Cambridgeshire County Council is publishing this proposal on 31st March 2021. For further details please visit our permanent traffic regulation orders page and select PR0703.

If you wish to make any comments they should be submitted in writing, as explained in the public notice, to be received no later than 30th April 2021.

Please note that these proposals cover parts of both Cambridge City and South Cambridgeshire.

Email to TMC from Gary Baldwin, Policy and Regulation, Highways of the Cambridgeshire County Council

TMC has objected to Residents’ Parking when it was proposed initially over a year ago but the scheme to impose charges for any cars not in garages or designated parking spaces appears to be going ahead, requiring tickets costing £2.40 a day between 8.00 and 18.00. This will cause working people who do not have enough parking space to use their cars rather than cycling or taking public transport. No benefit for energy saving.