Tips to keeping your house in Trumpington Meadows in good condition.

There have been several posts online from residents relating to household maintenance in Trumpington Meadows. As this is useful information, it has been collated here for convenience and posterity. There is also information sourced from the Barratt New Home Customer information pack. If you have any relevant suggestions or advice of your own, please do let us know so it could potentially be added here and be of help to your fellow residents.

(Fine print: The TMC does not endorse or recommend any tradesmen. The TMC is not liable for any damage or mishaps that may occur. This is merely a collection of information gathered for the convenience of Trumpington Meadows residents)

Annual maintenance

Boiler and cylinder – the typical boiler and cylinder in houses in Trumpington Meadows have a 5 year warranty. We all probably know that an annual service is essential for keeping your heating system running smoothly and safely but did you also know that in order to maintain your heating system warranty, an annual service is required? Here is a good Which? article about it.


Solar panels – solar panels in the development are either the type that generates hot water or the type that generates electricity. If you have solar panels on your property, they have to be serviced by an approved solar panel engineer at regular intervals.

The hot water type is thicker as it has tubes inside of it that contains a liquid called glycol which circulates and transfers heat between the solar panel and the hot water system. This is recommended to be serviced annually with checks to the glycol levels, the expansion vessel and pressure levels. The glycol itself is typically replaced every 5 years.

The electric type has no moving parts and so is recommended to be serviced only every 5 years


Gutters – gutters should be cleared of leaves and debris once or twice a year though one may get away with less if there are no apparent sources of leaves and debris nearby. Wet patches on walls immediately below gutters or near downpipes may indicate blockages. This can be done if one has a tall ladder and is confident with heights. Otherwise there are many professional gutter cleaning services available.

Source – Barratt New Home Customer Information pack

Flat Roofs – flat roofs should be inspected annually to ensure they remain in sound condition. Rainwater outlets should be checked to ensure they are not blocked

Source – Barratt New Home Customer Information pack

More regular maintenance

Smoke alarms – smoke alarms need very little maintenance. A few minutes of your time during the year will ensure that your alarm is working and could help save your life and the lives of your family. You should:

  • Test your smoke alarm when the clocks are changed and vacuum it gently using the soft brush attachment to remove dust from the sensors
  • If it has a battery backup, change the battery annually
  • After 10 years it’s best to get a whole new alarm


Extractor fan filter – our bathrooms have extractor fans built into them in order to exhaust the steam and moisture that accumulates during use. But did you know that they contain a foam filter that needs to be cleaned regularly?

For the square shaped ones, one merely has to pull the cover to access the filter. For the circular shaped ones, unscrew the cover slowly to the left till circle comes out to access the spongy cylinder. Once the filter is visible, it should be easy enough to take it out and hoover it clean.


As needed maintenance

Re-application of wood façade finish – the majority of houses in the development have wood facades on them. And most of the garage doors here are also made of wood. Over the years, the finish on the wood will fade – more so if it is consistently exposed to the sun. It is not a question of if but when. To keep your house exterior looking great, the wood coating will need to be reapplied every couple of years.

Here is a great article on exterior woodstains by a professional decorator

Here are products that have been mentioned by residents: (1) Dulux Trade Exterior Ultimate Woodstain in Light Oak, (2) Osmo UV-Protection Oil, (3) Sadolin Extra Durable Woodstain in Natural (UV Advanced Protection)


Touch up of white walls – if your interior white walls ever need a touch up of white paint, this is the paint used: Dulux Trade Supermatt in Almond White


Damaged flashing on roof solar panels – some houses with sloping roofs have reported damage to the flashing on their roofs. The flashing is the bit of plastic that covers the gap between the bottom of the roof solar panels and the roof slate/tiles, as shown in the group photo. It is a relatively thin sheet of plastic that has adhesive backing and looks like it affects a number of properties on the development.

If you have a sloping roof with solar panels, do check if this is an issue with you – especially if you are still within the house warranty period. Residents have reported little luck in getting Barratts or NHBC to cover the cost of repair once the initial house warranty period is over.